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Generally speaking, we are accustomed to in the meal (after dinner) exercise. First, this work in line with the law of life of modern people, and secondly that we all feel better after a meal movement (or even swallow food joint just digested together).

Why not exercise before meals?

We generally believe that the appetite after exercise will increase, so the effect of sweat will be followed by a pass feasting and even, even worse, the new and old fat accumulation in the body together, love each other and never separated.

Coincidentally, the United States the latest issue of "Sports Training Medicine & Science" journal just has done a study, the results they obtained scared off most people's chin - Exercise can reduce appetite, reducing food intake, so completely without the possibility of overeating after exercise potential concerns.

Research data show

"Sports Training Medicine & Science" journal is so experimental procedure and results presentation: We selected normal-weight and overweight volunteers, so that they in the morning exercise, then let them observe food image, and analyzes these volunteers brain waves showed that the morning after exercise, the appetite will be reduced. Thus the conclusion is that modern people can be assured to go out morning run or a brisk walk in the morning, then nothing to worry about next appetite will surge this problem, early in the morning workout, indeed contribute to weight loss.

Early Exercise Notice

And when it comes to exercise early in the morning, skim those subjective factors (stay in bed, and so cold, working time), from an objective point of view to mention a few tips.

1. Before exercise, please have a drink salt water or honey water, then eat some small pad hungry breakfast (just to supplement the heat, rather than a formal breakfast, so do not eat very full). ʱ??

2. After 20 minutes of eating the proper warm-up, shook hands mounted the pedal leg pulling tendons. ʱ??

3.30 minutes later you can bring a towel, put on sneakers out morning run or brisk walking (out exercise time please control after 8:00, because premature, then, air pollutants, carbon dioxide levels will be relatively higher). ʱ??

4. The movement environment is also very important to stay away from traffic (exhaust and insecurity) and wooded land (after plant metabolism of carbon dioxide concentration is too high).

5. To add water at any time.

6. After the movement is completed and a half hours, remember to eat breakfast. ʱ??

7. In all fairness, the last point is the most important, because the movement needed to persevere, so before deciding to morning exercises, please find a partner, a co-production and common aspirations of fellow human. As a result, not only can improve the movement of interest and enthusiasm, but also in the abandonment or when you want to be lazy, immediately think of the person next to you may feel free to pick up a small whip waving.

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