What to eat before exercise?
Release date:2019/1/23 17:31:10

Good body converts what you eat into energy, but for a number of food, higher conversion efficiency. For example, high-intensity exercise carbohydrate help, because they can quickly break down into glycogen, and your muscles need these substances to work properly. So, if you want a sustained period of time effort and fitness, you should eat carbohydrates beforehand. Although the body can replenish glycogen, fat and protein when necessary, you also need to replenish lost glycogen stores after the event, so a carbohydrate supplement after exercise is essential.

Not only exercise, for endurance activities such as long-distance running or cycling, your body needs to burn fat as a fuel source. The body is always burning a mixture of carbohydrate and fat, but also on the intensity of exercise. But if you eat the high fat, and moderate-intensity exercise is your body burn fat in the process would be more efficient and more beneficial to health.

Eating before exercise too little or the wrong kind of food can lead to glycogen depletion. This is some of the amino acid-containing foods can help the body to produce these hormones. For example L- Tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid, plays an important role in manufacturing the neurotransmitter dopamine and adrenaline in. Some accept the high intensity training athletes or bodybuilders may benefit from and L- tyrosine supplement, because it can help reduce fatigue and stress, help cope with the heavy workout.

Before exercise should eat four kinds of food:


Bananas are a natural energy bars, bananas filled digestible carbohydrates and potassium, which helps maintain muscle and nerve function. The human body can not on their own long-term storage of potassium, so it is important to exercise bananas. Before exercise, eating a medium-size bananas can help you maintain high levels of nutrition.


Oatmeal is full of full of fiber, which means it is gradually and slowly release sugar into the body's blood, but unlike most of the starch, will be finished at the moment a lot of sugar. This steady stream of energy supplement, helps to keep your energy levels during a workout in the fitness is consistent. Oats also contain vitamin B group, it helps the carbohydrates into energy. Sports and fitness in 30 minutes before eating a cup of oatmeal, is very helpful.

Fruit smoothie past

Generally, if it is added to the milk smoothie past, we called milkshake. But here's the fruit smoothie past do not have to add milk, personal preference decision. Fruit smoothie past rich in carbohydrates and high in protein. More importantly, they can easily be absorbed by the body, and can be quickly digested. However, fruit-carbon but because protein can not be immediately converted into energy source of the body, so in the past when it comes to health food, often are ignored. But the fruits contain high carbon content can quickly be broken down and absorbed, protein contained after he helps prevent muscle injury.

Whole wheat bread

When fitness weight loss, many people refused to hear bread. But in fact, whole wheat toast is a good source of carbohydrates. If you spread on bread quality a little peanut butter, or put some low-fat chicken pieces, to help supplement the protein, which will become the ideal fitness before dessert, can provide high-quality energy and protein for the body.

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