Third of training, seven eating foods increase muscle Collection
Release date:2019/1/23 17:33:50

Fitness men friends want to have a strong build muscles, in addition to the daily hard exercise, the third of practicing seven to eat everyone has been memorized in the chest, the only way to make more scientific faster muscle growth. So in the end what foods can make your muscles more efficiently it works?

Increase muscle, you must first ensure protein intake. Exercise often be asked to low-carbohydrate diets, according to body weight ratio to restrict carbohydrate intake: weighing 190 pounds or more like bodybuilders should be limited to 56-75 grams per day of carbohydrates, weighing 190 pounds or less should Athletes limited to 40-55 grams per day of carbohydrates. But when carbohydrate intake is less than 75 grams per day, the body will more protein as an energy source. So! In periods of low carbohydrate intake should increase protein intake.

Also, whey protein powder can not meet all the needs of our body hungry for nutrition, then there are those foods can help us to become stronger and more robust it?

Food 1- whey protein powder

We all know that whey protein powder is to increase muscle quality goods, but among the reasons to believe that not everyone knows, the first whey protein is very safe, virtually no side effects, and it is rich in amino acids, BCAAs, and different muscle growth nutrients, so whey protein powder is very effective for muscle growth. Meanwhile, whey protein powder can accelerate muscle growth and recovery, and can also help improve immune force Mian, plus allows the body to quickly absorb, to help enhance training performance and muscle recovery.

Food 2- casein

And whey protein powder are the same as casein from milk, but why with its opposite, the body takes a long time before they can be stably absorbed casein. Studies have shown that the body takes about seven hours before they can be fully casein digestion and absorption, this feature makes casein protein supplements become consumed before bedtime. Because muscle resulting in sleep at night when the rate to a record high, so in the long night casein can continue to provide amino acids muscles generate, say more than a lot of people do not know, but you go to search whey protein powder products The casein, you suddenly realize, turned it ah.

Food 3- red meat

In addition to whey protein powder and casein, red meat can be regarded as the best source of protein, it should be more protein than other meats, red meat contains about 23g of protein per 85g. Meanwhile, the red meat is also rich in Creatine- a way to increase the muscle mass of the material. Creatine in addition to co-manufacture ATP, also can stimulate the release of growth hormone, enabling muscle growth. In addition, red meat is also big iron, vitamin B12, B6 and zinc, these nutrients can make the muscles grow rapidly.

Food 4- spinach

In fact, spinach is rich nitride, help the body to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide allows the blood vessels to enlarge, so that more blood flow into the muscle, thus reducing fatigue, so you can rest do everything in every training, increase strength training helps muscle growth. Meanwhile spinach are also rich in iron, you can make red blood cells carry more oxygen for the muscles to use.

Food 5- cashew

Cashew nuts contain a lot of saturated fat, hormones are manufactured raw materials, so if lack of dietary saturated fat, it will lead to low hormone levels, bring in disguise belly and make muscle loss. So what the whole weight loss should not quit fat between meals and meal to eat a dozen tablets cashews instead help increase muscle fat loss. Of course, more than a few grains of cashews will be enough, if I can not stop eating habits, you'll get plenty of calories!

Food 6- pumpkin

Although the protein for muscle growth is very important, but we can ignore carbohydrates, because it provides energy for the body, not all carbohydrates are evil, pumpkin is one of the body is very beneficial source of carbohydrates. It is characterized by digestion and absorption takes, it will not suddenly increase blood sugar levels, and can gradually release energy for the body to use. Meanwhile, in addition to the pumpkin is rich in dietary fiber, as well as a large number of trace elements such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A and C, all help to promote muscle growth and immune enhancement elements! So what? We ate pumpkin bar!

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