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Zhejiang Hongyuan Sports Equipment Co., Ltd is famous Total crunch horse riding Machine manufacturers and factory in China. Founded in 2005, the company has 150 employees and a factory area of 10,000 square meters. Professional R&D team, which integrates R&D, production, sales and service, and provides OEM and ODM services. The company has passed BSCI, REACH, ROHS, SGS, CE and other certifications. Products are mainly exported to North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and other regions. We have advanced foldable Horse Riding Machine factory and a fully functional production line. We custom make direct for sale.

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Total Crunch lets you work out your entire body, from your calves, through your core, up to your back and throughout your arms and chest, in just one dynamic, continuous movement.  You’ll achieve toned legs, higher and firmer glutes, a slimmer waist, a toned back and stronger arms as you burn calories and lose weight while shaping and building muscle.  And when you want to change things up there’s no need to swap machines or add weights, with Total Crunch it’s as easy as just changing your foot position to dramatically increase weight resistance.  PLUS, targeting specific muscle groups is as easy as changing hand positions: underhand position targets biceps and lats, overhand targets chest and shoulders and side position targets your back and deltoids.  Total Crunch’s cutting-edge design provides an entire gym’s-worth of exercises, in your home, in one easy-to-use machine!  AND it’s even easier to store, with one easy fold, it fits into any corner or conveniently slides underneath your bed.

Horse Riding Exercise Machine

horse riding exercise machine, also known as a mechanical horse or riding simulator, is a device that simulates the experience of riding a horse. It typically consists of a platform with a saddle and stirrups that the user sits on, and a mechanism that simulates the movement of a horse's gait, such as a rocking or swaying motion. These machines are often used in equine therapy, as well as for physical fitness and training for horse riders.

What are the advantages of horse riding exercise machines

Horse riding exercise machines, also known as equestrian simulators, offer a number of advantages over traditional forms of exercise. Some of these advantages include: Low impact: Horse riding exercise machines provide a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints, making them a good option for people with arthritis, osteoporosis, or other conditions that can be exacerbated by high-impact exercise. Cardiovascular benefits: Riding a horse riding exercise machine can increase your heart rate, which can help to improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce the risk of heart disease. Core and lower body workout: Horse riding exercise machines provide a workout for the core and lower body muscles, including the abs, glutes, and legs, which can help to tone and strengthen these muscle groups. Stress relief: Riding a horse can be a relaxing and meditative experience, and horse riding exercise machines can provide similar benefits. Improve balance and coordination: Riding a horse requires balance and coordination and horse riding exercise machines can provide similar benefits, which can be beneficial for older adults or those with balance or coordination issues. Variety of workout: Horse riding exercise machines offer a variety of workout options, such as different speed, inclines, and resistance levels, which can help to keep the workout interesting and challenging.

What are the types of horse riding exercise machines?

There are several types of horse riding exercise machines, including: Mechanical horses: These machines mimic the motion of a horse and are often used for therapeutic or training purposes. Horse simulators: These machines use virtual reality technology to simulate the experience of riding a horse and are often used for training and therapy. Treadmills: These machines are designed specifically for horses and are used to improve their fitness and endurance.

What are the characteristics of the horse riding exercise machine

horse riding exercise machine, also known as a "wobble board" or "balance board", is designed to mimic the movement of a horse while the user sits on it. These machines typically have a round or oval-shaped platform that is mounted on a spring or ball-bearing system, which allows the platform to move in all directions. This movement helps to engage and strengthen the user's core muscles, as well as improve balance and coordination. Some horse riding exercise machines also come with handles or straps to hold onto for added stability. They are often used for physical therapy, sports training and fitness.