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Wholesale HY-3001B Home Ribbon Upright Fitness bike

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HY-3001B Home Ribbon Upright Fitness bike

It combines design and high-performance powder coating, ergonomic design concept, simple and functional design, abandoning other cumbersome decoration. Stable construction, adjustable saddle and comfortable angles make indoor riding a real riding experience.
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  • Adjustable Seat: Adjustable seat to accommodate users of different body sizes, improve body shape during exercise, allow your body to accurately adapt to the equipment, and maximize the effect of exercise on the target area.
    Balance Pedals: This pedal is designed to provide maximum foot support while giving you ultimate control. The ergonomic design facilitates efficient workouts and comes with adjustable foot straps so even children can adapt perfectly to their feet.
    Adjustable Resistance: Easy-to-use tension knob increases exercise intensity. With just one simple twist, resistance can be increased or decreased, keeping the challenge and effectiveness of the fitness session always challenging and effective, perfect for any user's skill level.
    N.W./G.W: 10/11.5kg Assemble Size: 67*42*108cm
    Carton Size: 60*23*44cm 20GP/40GP/40HQ: 450/920/1050pcs
    Displays: Scan,Time,Speed,Distance,Total Distance,Calories Seat height adjustment: 61-80cm
    Maximum user weight: 110kg Resistance system: Ribbon system (stepless adjustment)


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