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Wholesale HY-A5016 6-in-1 Fitness Machine Abdominal Training

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HY-A5016 6-in-1 Fitness Machine Abdominal Training

6 in 1 Exercise Machine.you won’t have to drag yourself to the gym anymore. You can do your full body workout right at home in your living room. The 6 in 1 exercise machine is perfect for strengthening your abs, legs, chest, arms and back. You can really challenge yourself with the 6 exercise options. The resistance levels provide the optimal setting for your workout and can be adjusted according to your needs
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  • TRAIN THE WHOLE BODY 180º :Ab Celerate is the perfect full body workout machine.Its adjustable resistance will give you incredible results, all from the comfort of your own home.It allows you to intensely exercise your back muscles through reverse abdominal exercises.
    6 IN 1:6-in-1 workout, allowing you to comfortably and safely work all muscle groups in just a few movements for a total body workout.The rollers can be used not only for abdominal exercises, but also for individual leg training.Equipped with resistance levels, which make leg lifts more intense if necessary.
    HOME GYM:The 6-in-1  is the multifunctional system that offers you a full body workout from home, which you can adapt to your fitness level and needs.    The machine works in both directions, so you can perform the main core exercises you would normally do in the gym, such as crunches, leg lifts and oblique twists.
    ALL AGES:Variable and adjustable resistance meets the needs of anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, to help you burn calories and tone muscles to achieve the body of your dreams
    No importa el producto que elija, la calidad está garantizada, y tiene un precio competitivo.   Nuestro laboratorio bien equipado lleva a cabo un estricto procedimiento de producción y control de calidad en cada lote de productos para asegurarse de que sólo se entreguen a nuestros clientes productos cualificados. Vale la pena mencionar que nuestro equipo de empaque acepta MOQ, personalizamos el empaque de acuerdo a los requerimientos del cliente, nuestro objetivo es hacer crecer nuestro negocio expandiendo el suyo.


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We are a manufacturer of home fitness equipment. Our goal is to provide customized solutions to the market and customers. As famous HY-A5016 6-in-1 Fitness Machine Abdominal Training suppliers and company, these HY-A5016 6-in-1 Fitness Machine Abdominal Training has been exort over 30 countries. Although markets, applications, and customers are different, Shinco has a unique philosophy to guide customers' success. For any inquiries and feedback from customers, we will respond patiently and meticulously. For any inquiry from customers, we will give the most professional and reasonable quotation at the fastest speed. For any new products of customers, we will communicate with customers very professionally, listen to customers' opinions and give useful suggestions to ensure the best products. For any order from customers, we will complete it on time, quality and quantity. We also offer wholesale HY-A5016 6-in-1 Fitness Machine Abdominal Training.

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