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Wholesale HY-P8006a home use vertical Climbing Machine

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HY-P8006a home use vertical Climbing Machine

Home use Climbing Machine is a total body work out ,it can help you sulpt slim,sexy legs,rock-hard abs and toned,and strong triceps and biceps.For various climbers:ajustable height design for all body type,this feature is especially great if you have a family of vertical climbers using this machine that may not all be the same height.
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  • Aerobic exercise: exercise stepper is an indoor aerobic exercise fitness equipment. The climbing machine is used as a stepping and climbing machine for the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms.
    Adjustable: The height of the stepper is adjustable, and the height range is 160-189cm. Resistance adjustment, 1-2 gears for climbing stairs, 3-4 gears for climbing mountains, 5 gears for climbing cliffs.
    Multi-function display: The digital tracker can record your exercise data and maintain your motivation by tracking the time, times, and calories you consume during the entire exercise process, thereby providing an effective exercise plan.
    Quality: Made of high-strength steel, it is very durable and can perfectly withstand a weight of 120 kg after testing. Heavy-duty plastic pedals with grooves, non-slip, easy to use for a long time.
    Save space: The stair stepper can be folded, with compact folding size, convenient folding, convenient storage, space saving, and convenient operation.
    N.W./G.W: 14/15.5kgs Assemble Size: 95*68*160cm—189cm
    Folded Size: 44*68*167cm Carton Size: 131.5*15*24.5cm 
    Maximum user weight: 120kg Displays: Scan,Time,Count,T- Count,Calories
    Handrail height adjustment: 160cm—189cm


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