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Wholesale HY-E9011 exercise push-ups Pull Up Bar Doorway

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HY-E9011 exercise push-ups Pull Up Bar Doorway

The Door pull up bar provides gym-quality full-body workouts, which is ideal for fat burning and muscle training.
You can perform pull-ups, push-ups,sit-ups,Handstands and other exercises. It is the ideal equipment for home fitness.
Can be adjusted to fit for various door frames with different width
Household use and effortless installation
Easy to install and store
High-quality steel bearing weight up to 120kg
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  • Upgrade design: Thickness can be adjusted according to the wall.
    Safety design: the door pull rod adopts high-quality steel pole and to maximize the stability.    An ergonomic angle handle has been added, which can withstand up to 120kg.
    Safety design: carbon refined steel pipe wall thickness, durable, wall thickness, 5 layers of thickened pipe, not easy to fall off deformation, spring washer with opening, special technology, nut clamping accurate, stable and reliable.
    Comfortable grip: 5 non slip grip positions for comfortable wide and narrow grip exercises.    Long curved bar, high quality elastic and breathable foam, comfortable handle, anti slip, sweat absorption and tear resistance.
    Easy to assemble: easy to install, no drilling design, no trouble.    It is an ideal choice for renting apartment, family fitness, hotel and gym. Stick the stick on the door frame for muscle burning training, or simply put it on the floor to maximize the training effect through push ups and sit ups.
    N.W./G.W: 2.1/2.4kg    12.5/15.5(6pcs) Assemble Size: 92.5*41*23cm
    Carton Size: 53.5*5*27.5cm/54*32.5*28.5cm(6pcs/ctn)/54*43*28.5cm(8pcs/ctn) 20GP/40GP/40HQ: 3835/7945/9315pcs
    Maximum user weight: 120kg


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