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Wholesale HY-9521BL Cardio Workout fitness Exercise Cycle

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HY-9521BL Cardio Workout fitness Exercise Cycle

With the HY-9521BL Upright Exercise Bike, you can get into shape and improve your fitness all from the comfort of your own home. 
Cardiovascular exercise is the number one way to improve your general health, burn body fat and increase your fitness levels.
The large clear LCD display provides key workout information including speed, time, distance, calories burned and pulse rate, which is monitored via the sensors mounted on the handlebars.
An extra-large padded seat for a comfortable ride and transport wheels complete the ergonomic design.
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  • The Exercise Cycle comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance so you can gradually intensify your workouts, helping improve cardio stamina, promote healthy weight as well as strengthen and tone muscles. 
    The battery-operated LCD screen clearly displays your cycling speed, distance travelled, calories burned, time and pulse, so you can monitor your progress during your workout. 
    Smart Design - Easy to Assemble:An effective 4kg flywheel provides a smooth cycling action and creates a stable ride, whilst the integrated pedal straps will help keep your feet in place during your workout, however intense. 
    The seat positions can be adjusted to find the perfect upright cycling position and can be moved easily to the desired room via the integrated transport wheels.
    N.W./G.W:  20.2/22.3kg Assemble Size: 97.5*55*125cm
    Flywheel: 4kg or 5kg Carton Size: 72*25.5*55CM
    20GP/40GP/40HQ: 315/650/720pcs Displays: Scan,Time,Speed,Distance,Total Distance,Calories,(Pulse)
    Seat height adjustment: 72-92cm Maximum User Weight: 120kg
    Resistance System: Magnetic system (8 gears adjustment)


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